Generation Zero Review

14th February 2022

Generation Zero

Avalanche Studios

Generation Zero is set in Sweden 1989. When the residents of Östertörn wake to find robots on the rampage, winning becomes living. Alone or with up to three friends, sneak, scavenge and shoot your way to safety across a vast, varied landscape that is as intriguing as it is deadly.

Generation Zero is your go to for a robot apocalypse fun game. Set in Sweden in 1989, it has a totally rad immersive and the synth soundtrack fits the nostalgic late 80s world Avalanche Studios built. Generation Zero uses the Apex Open World Engine, meaning high quality, beautiful graphics to become immersed into. Additionally Generation Zero also features a full day and night cycle with a dynamic weather system. Fighting robots in the fog, rain, snow, and some fairly intense storms never gets old. The open world hugely explorable with most buildings being open with loot and a story inside to tell.

Gunplay is really strong. Weapons can be customized and each firearm has different ammo types, fire rates and gadgets. The ballistics of each weapon differs and feels appropriate for the caliber. The robot enemies are interesting and varied, which range in sizes from small drones to massive mechanical monsters.

Where this game really shines is the co-op ability. Play in a squad of 3 and use guerrilla tactics, using whatever you can scrap together to take down the superior forces. Set traps with boomboxes and flares to your robot enemies attention. Circuit breakers, cars, propane tanks, and many other environmental objects can be used to gain a tactical advantage in fights. Co-op is fun and easy to do. You can drop in and out with the full campaign. Use the difficulty scaling to give co-op some more challenge. It is an absolute blast with friends!


Immersive Graphics

Easy To Learn

Excellent Co-Op Mode

Character Customization

Character Specializations

1980’s Nostalgia Soundtrack

Great Base Building System


Clunky Inventory System

Sluggish Unlock Region Story

Minor Bugs

Overall Generation Zero is a brilliant robot survival co-op shooter with a loveable 80s twist. Theres plenty to do and lots of fun to have with the of character customization. For us its well worth the cost if your playing with friends.

Look out for its frequent Steam sale or grab your cheap copy from Use our 5% discount “BNQ” code for a little extra bonus. Full price for Generation Zero is very reasonable as long as you enjoy open world survival games and exploration.

Overall Rating



use 5% discount “BNQ” code

by Simon Blue

Simon loves survival action shooter games and is a PC fanatic at heart. When he isn't playing games, you can catch him running the BlueandQueenie platforms hand in hand with Queenie. Please email us at to have your game showcased on our platforms.

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