March Winner

PC Giveaway with RTX4070 SuperIIDougsterII

Sponsored by Microsoft Game Pass

Recent Winners

Streaming Starter BundleFrogMaiden27

Provided by Twitch Hype Challenge

Premium Nintendo Sonic ControllerFlizken

Sponsored by PDP Controllers

Premium Nintendo Zelda ControllerShonaLouise

Sponsored by PDP Controllers

Premium Nintendo Mario ControllerZeroshiro

Sponsored by PDP Controllers

PC Case and Cooler BundleTheBeerMan614

Sponsored by Cooler Master

XBOX S and RGB standRaganrokie

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

NVIDIA RTX 4060 CompactToddyxviii

Sponsored by NVIDIA

ZOTAC RTX4080 Graphics CardDanzo_Strife

Sponsored by ZOTAC

NVIDIA RTX 4060 TIWPBuddysnr

Sponsored by NVIDIA

Samsung 2TB 990 Pro NVMeDark_Aphelion

Sponsored by Samsung

Intel i9 13th Gen CPUAL16gaming

Sponsored by Intel

iPhone 14 ProJoselinboy011

Gifted by O2

Gaming Bean Bag and FootstoolMatt Arcade

Sponsored by Game Over

ZOTAC RTX4080 Graphics CardTrashnBurn27

Sponsored by ZOTAC

Elite Wireless BundleVert160

Provided by RIG Gaming

XBOX Wireless ControllerOmek6

Sponsored by

XBOX Wireless ControllerWinnerMarr

Sponsored by

Elgato Facecam and Wave 3 BundleHeidi ZXC

Provided by Elgato

Divoom LED BackpackBarbas_22

Provided by Divoom

£4600 PC and MEGA BundleVansenthelock

Sponsored by Scan and Intel

PlayStation 5 with RGB StandSilver Dude Extra

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

34" Ultra-Wide Curved Cooler Master MonitorHammySuper

Sponsored by Cooler Master

Bloodhunt 65% Mechanical KeyboardCharede

Sponsored by Bloodhunt

Venom Gaming RGB Streaming MicrophoneAllofaSutton420

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Intel i9 and RTX3080 PCBeemorron

Sponsored by Intel x Samsung x Scan

NanoLeaf 9 PackOrigin Unknown

Sponsored by NanoLeaf

Samsung 980 PRO NVMe SSDSnoekie

Sponsored by Samsung

Nintendo Switch and Venom RGB StandRageRex

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Sneak Energy Shaker and TubCharlieCarns

Sponsored by Sneak Energy

Sneak Energy Shaker and TubFurstyFerret

Sponsored by Sneak Energy

Zotac Magnus One PCCaptainPuggWash

Sponsored by Zotac

Premium XBOX "HyperSpace" ControllerGoulitry

Sponsored by CustomControllers UK

VR Headset and StationMight4Right

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Premium XBOX "PRYZM" ControllerCelt201

Sponsored by CustomControllers UK

Premium XBOX "JOKER" ControllerPialyng

Sponsored by CustomControllers UK

Corsair Wireless RGB BundleMilos71

Sponsored by Scan

£4500 PC and Monitor BundleWLAndy13

Sponsored by Scan x AMD Ryzen

Samsung 1TB 980 PRO NVMe SSDJBerry438

Sponsored by Samsung

RIG Gaming 700HS HeadsetAkylius

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

Previous Winners

RIG Gaming 700HS HeadsetStoneGrasp

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HS HeadsetDark Aphelion

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HS HeadsetMichiel666

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HS HeadsetWolvern412

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

XBOX Series X and Venom RGB StandWitchHex68

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Nintendo Switch and Venom RGB StandCaliBungle

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X PCSCXBah

Sponsored by Scan and AMD Ryzen

Nvidia RTX 3080 PCCodeOneGamerz

Sponsored by Scan and Corsair

HyperX Alloy Origins KeyboardBroken Weeble

Sponsored by HyperX

Corsair Elite BundleMerkaderpn

Sponsored by Corsair

RIG Gaming 700HX Wireless HeadsetMatglato

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HX Wireless HeadsetIXNinja

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HX Wireless HeadsetChrisMCR

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HX Wireless HeadsetBlueDevil

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

RIG Gaming 700HX Wireless HeadsetRolo

Sponsored by RIG Gaming

Oculus Quest 2 VR HeadsetIceland Queen

Sponsored by Scan and Oculus

Razer Blade Advanced Gaming LaptopBallomatic

Sponsored by Scan and Razor

SteelSeries Apex 7 KeyboardJTnBex

Sponsored by SteelSeries

ROG Falchion keyboard and Keris mouseGamerJules

Sponsored by ASUS ROG

CyberPunk 24" StatueTerroDark

Sponsored by Zavvi

CyberPunk 24" StatueMegaJeans

Sponsored by Zavvi

CyberPunk 24" StatueShadowSertrinity

Sponsored by Zavvi

Western Digital 1TB NVMe SSDTiny Tom

Sponsored by WD Black

Noblechairs Epic gaming chairGoofy Villian

Sponsored by Noblechairs

Nvidia RTX 3080 PCJemma Lou Tattoo

Provided by BlueandQueenie

Premium XBOX "Origin" ControllerBeaker

Sponsored by CustomControllers UK

Premium XBOX "Glitch" ControllerSTARBAAR

Sponsored by CustomControllers UK

Premium XBOX "Hot Rod" ControllerIPinkThumb

Sponsored by CustomControllers UK

Oculus Quest 2 VR HeadsetCommander Alleycat

Sponsored by Scan and Oculus

AOC 27" Widescreen Curved MonitorBexsy86

Provided by BlueandQueenie

Gunnar Glasses Lightning Bolt 360POKIQUEEN

Sponsored by Gunnar

Razer Seiren Emote MicrophoneTimmahOTool

Sponsored by Scan and Razer

Venom Gaming Sabre HeadsetEyvie

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Venom Gaming Sabre HeadsetGold1gger

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Venom Gaming Sabre HeadsetCMDR Renown

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

Venom Gaming Sabre HeadsetUberNoobie

Sponsored by Venom Gaming

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Lurking Rewards

Community Loot Box

Lurking is the backbone of Twitch. We all have real lives to attend to(unfortunately) and we really want to show our appreciation and love to the community members who may not always be able to speak in chat but leave us a lovely lurk.

When someone is lurking they may not be able to chat, but they are a valued member of the community. With their help in supporting the viewer numbers we’re able to support them back and strengthen the fibers of the entire community.

Lurk in chat for 2hrs and enter the daily giveaway draw for a prize in our loot box. Winners pick your prize from below and contact us.

Frequent Questions

Your most asked questions

Yes, you certainly can. The giveaways are individual sponsors and run from different systems.

After the roll has been drawn winners are contacted immediately. We publish the winners names during our live stream of the following 1st day of the next month. Winners names are also published on our giveaways page and on our community Discord.

Our giveaways are sponsored. Brands pay us for coverage and provide products for exposure to a wider audience. Over the past 5 years we’ve been fortunate in becoming successfully established in the UK streaming industry, receiving awards from large brands like Nvidia, Twitch, Razor and Red Bull Gaming.

We’re more than happy to provide these brands with our services and gain more giveaways for our community to win!

Yes over on our Twitch channel. Brands and game publishers will often pay us for on-stream giveaways also.

Twitch Prime is a free premium experience that is included with Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships. View all the benefits that comes with your prime subscription into our channel!

No. You are not eligible to join or win any prizes we host if you have been banned from our channel. Your prize is forfeit to be re-rolled if your name is drawn. Please contact a member of our Community Moderators team on Discord for ban appeals.

Please send all business enquires to our email,

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