Adorable and full of heart-warming adventure, Little Kitty, Big City drops players into a small Japanese metropolitan sandbox as a short-haired black cat. Don't be concerned! No actual harm will come to the cat, so there are no hidden nasty animal abuse scenes tucked away for later. Instead, it's a beautiful adventure full of silly moments and puzzles. The campaign focuses on a black cat that falls from a window and becomes lost in the city. The cat aims to regain enough strength to climb home by eating fish. The campaign only spans part of the city; the map resembles a series of interconnected streets. However, it still offers a lot of space for a small cat to explore.

Manor Lords is not just another medieval strategy game. It's a meticulously crafted world that prioritizes historical accuracy, steering clear of the common medieval tropes that often misrepresent the era. This commitment to authenticity creates a gaming experience that feels more real and immersive than most other popular medieval strategy games, placing it in the same league as Banished in terms of realism.

Big Farm Story thrives on being a really enjoyable farming sim especially if you're not looking for anything too complex. The main story is 30 hours and the Goodgames Studios provide many side quests for you to achieve. The story starts off like most of the farming games, you receive a letter from your grandfather asking you to take over the farm because he has something else he needs to check on. Once you arrived at the farm, you find it in a bad state after the recent storm, but your neighbour's son Benny offered to help you. Your mission now is to find out where your grandfather is.

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