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Support Your Favourite Creators

The days are gone where creators can stick to a single platform and you might find that your favourite creators are branching out to every social media platform available. Following them on each platforms really helps but what about content? Each social media platform has a system of algorithms, a way of sorting content based on relevancy and engagement.

Here’s the big problem, each platform is different so we’ve put together ways you can support your favourite creators beyond just following. The best thing its absolutely free!


How to Lurk

Simply being counted a viewer in Twitch chat can MASSIVELY help a streamer. On Twitch the viewer number is crucial for new followers to find the channel.

If you’re going AFK or off to play a game help the streamer by leaving the webpage open with the live player unmuted and unpaused. If you don’t wish to hear the stream audio hit the mute tab option and you’ll be still counted as a viewer by Twitch!


Reply and Retweet

Unfortunately Twitch doesn’t have that much power in discoverability so over the years streamers have used Twitter as a corner stone in attracting new viewers.

Replying and retweeting to your favourite creators tweets helps add engagement that Twitter deems on how relevant the streamer is. The more relevancy, the more Twitter is happy to recommend your favourite streamer to other Twitter users.


Reply and Bookmark

Instagram can help a streamers Twitch channel be discovered and has the potential of receiving sponsorships. The additional revenue from sponsors can make streamers live A LOT less stressful.

The more times a post has a reply and bookmarks, the more likely Instagram’s algorithm will position your favourite streamers posts on the explore page and higher within users feeds!


Comment and Bookmark

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps and by helping your favourite creators with more engagement, you can help them gain more discoverability for their Twitch channel!

By leaving a comment, hitting the bookmark icon and staying on the platform for a few minutes after watching your favourite creators content you’re providing more engagement that could place their posts on the TikToks For You explore page!


Like and Comment

On Youtube likes play a significant role in the success of a YouTube channel. Likes, comments, shares and even dislikes are a form of engagement and is a positive sign that plays into the Youtube ranking algorithm.

The more engagement you’re able to help your favourite creator with the more discoverable the channel will be to a new audience.


Screenshare and React

Discord is essential for community focused creators. You can support your favourite creators to create a safe and friendly community space.

Hype up a moment and provide feedback with post reactions. Most importantly, you can help the server discoverability by screensharing your gameplay in voip channels. This helps the server in Discords official listings and most third-party websites.

Sponsor Links

Click Everything #ad

Why are sponsorships important? In short, they make streamers lives easier. Some streamers aren’t comfortable with creating huge donation goals. Instead they’ll work with brands on paid campaigns to work towards projects or cover household bills.

Support your favourite streamers and help them have successful sponsor campaign by clicking their #ad brand link.

Word Of Mouth

Share and Recommend

The best way you can help is to spread the word and join in game nights. Joining on and off stream activities with your favourite creators is a great way to learn more about them and become confident to tell your friends.

Get involved by engaging in their content, stream chat and Discord events to help cultivate the kind of community you’re proud to be part of!
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