Open world

Gray Zone Warfare might be the next Escape from Tarkov, but it has some glaring, albeit typical, Early Access problems dragging it down right now. It's an intense, realistic, tactical FPS with a vast open world where strategy is king. Set on the island of Lamang somewhere in Southeast Asia, the region has been ravaged by civil war, an oppressive dictator and now a sudden cataclysmic event. It's unclear what the event was, and players must uncover the truth for themselves. Gray Zone Warfare has a lot of content for an early-access game. At the foundation, it's a PvEvP MMO game where you're more likely to fight AI enemies than other players.

Scorched Earth was the first DLC expansion released for Ark: Survival Evolved in 2016. Unlike the original, Scorched Earth Ascended is a free DLC for those who own Ark: Survival Ascended. It brings a whole range of new features to the game for all players to enjoy without being locked behind a paywall. The main island of Ark is abundant in essential resources like water and food, but the harsh desert of Scorched Earth removes such luxuries, brings an unforgiving desert landscape to explore, with plenty of new dangers in terms of environment and dinosaurs, over 50 new items to craft, and a high-level boss fight against a manticore!

Virtual reality gaming experience isn’t like ordinary gaming on your PC or mobile, the technology delivers the ultimate benefits of immersion where players experience the game from a first-person, feeling like they are right in the gaming scene and interacting with characters as they would do in actual life! Here are our top VR games online, both single and multi-player games!

At its core, King of Seas is a story driven pirate RPG and a great little indie title. Set in a fantasy pirate world and whilst at first glance the art-style and cover art may make it look like Sea of Thieves clone, it's definitely not. King of Seas stands out with its brilliant ship-to-ship combat. Defeating enemies by dodging and trying to aim your own shots with the cannons is brilliant. It's a single-player navel combat RPG with a strong main story, side quests, a talent tree, special abilities, and more. The skills are extremely fun to use and play around with, including explosives barrels, fireworks that explode and damage anything in their vicinity, and even trained sharks you can fire to attack your enemies. The open world of King of Seas is procedural, allowing you to keep guessing what's round the corner.

Generation Zero is your go to for a robot apocalypse fun game. Set in Sweden in 1989, it has a totally rad atmosphere and the steller soundtrack fits the world they've built. The game uses the Apex Open World Engine, so it's very good looking and immersive. Featuring a full day/night cycle and weather including fog, rain, snow, and some fairly intense storms. The world is very large and explorable with most buildings being open with looted and a story inside.

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