Our Streaming Setup


Our Studio


We’ve worked tremendously hard on our PC setups and a studio to encourage our creativity but it didn’t always look this way. In 2016 we started streaming with a single monitor and reading Twitch from our mobile. When we hit 400 followers, which was a lot back then, we opened our Paypal donations and received enough support to purchase a second hand monitor to read chat and control OBS from. We led the way in showing creators that you didn’t need an expensive setup to become an established creator on Twitch.

Throughout our Twitch careers we have teamed up with brands to build PCs on stream and give them away to our community and leaving our own setup specs behind.

In 2020 we purchased our first house and dedicated 2 rooms into a studio. With the hardware support from Scan Computers and Elgato we were able to enhance our content. We’ve put our heart and soul into our setups and we’re very proud of how this has turned out today!

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