BattleBit Remastered was only released into Early Access in 2023, but this low-poly FPS offers that classic Battlefield vibe with pure, simple fun. Being a very visually simple game does work for it, though this style of graphics won't appeal to everyone. There's no real story to BattleBit Remastered, but it comes with quite a few game modes and an incredible player pool size of 127 vs 127 teams. The development team has revealed they plan to have at least 18 more game modes, which vary according to the selected server size during matchmaking.ย BattleBit Remastered can support up to 254 players per server and at the end of each map, top scoring players have their names listed and then players can choose to decide the next map and game mode.

Virtual reality gaming experience isnโ€™t like ordinary gaming on your PC or mobile, the technology delivers the ultimate benefits of immersion where players experience the game from a first-person, feeling like they are right in the gaming scene and interacting with characters as they would do in actual life! Here are our top VR games online, both single and multi-player games!

Hunt Showdown is a Player vs. Player vs. Environment FPS Horror game based in the year 1895. Crytek have nailed the combination of a highly reactive landscape, dark atmospheric graphics, and eargasm audio design. This game has a specific direction and wants to make you think like a hunter. The lack of information and staying vigilant rewards you for paying attention. This is where Hunt Showdown separates itself from so many of the other session based PvPvE first-person shooters.

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