Moderator Guide

During The Stream

Respect everyone

Even on the Internet you are dealing with real human beings. Although they may be rude and fail any appropriate level of respect, you must lead by example.

Greet newcomers

Meet and greet all new viewers. An average new viewer to the channel may feel ignored if not quickly acknowledged. Make them feel welcome and at home. Represent the community by helping us show a good first impression with a simple “hello!”. Chat side engagement is important.

Good community impression

Streaming is a competitive business. Since the streamer trusts you to represent the community, you should help showcase the community activities.

Keep discussions going

Conversations have a tendency to become stagnant. Bring up random topics, any of which can spark a new conversation to keep the chat flowing. If possible, try to get some lurkers involved as well. We monitor the Average Chatters statistic in our dashboard to judge the community interest in the content on stream.

Handle trolls correctly

Trolls are like batteries, give them attention and you charge them up making them last longer. Theres nothing to stop them from making 10 Twitch accounts therefore do not feed the trolls.

Once they are dealt with, discourage chat members from discussing the situation.

Quality control

We can’t always see the Twitch player. Unfortunately there are many bugs with the streaming software that only appear on the live broadcast. Its important that if there are any technical issues contact us on Discord.

Typical issues to look out for is video stuttering and audio levels.

Know chat commands

At the very least familiarize yourself with basic commands e.g !twitter for social media or !streamer to shout out a streamer who has raided us. If you’re stuck ask another mod for help otherwise you can find a list of commands can be found at the bottom of this page.

Don't ban for fun

Though chat members see when people are banned, they may not be able to distinguish a real ban from a pretend ban. If they see too many unnecessary bans, they will question whether you are abusing your power. If you ban someone with a sub gift then the sub will be removed and refunded.

Behind The Scenes

Learn the Mod role

If you wish to be an effective Mod follow this guide. Chat Mod is mostly a self-taught skill. Existing Mods on the team will assist you if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.

Don't worry if you hesitate

It is highly acceptable for you to be hesitant about creating commands and banning people at first. If you are unsure whether something needs to be completed, ask the streamer or the channel’s other Mods. It is possible that everything is already taken care of, which will make your role very simple.

Do not make yourself overly accessible

Though it is okay to volunteer to do more than moderate the chat, do not willingly make yourself overly accessible. Doing so will greatly reduce the perceived importance of the work you are doing since the work will be expected from you.

Understand that your help is always APPRECIATED

Regardless of how much work you do for the channel your help and company is greatly appreciated.

ENCOURAGE other Mods

It is important for new Mods to know how to fulfill their roles properly. Do more than just welcome them to the team. Help them learn to interact effectively with commands and chat members.

Social Media Help

Twitter, Instagram and Discord are the back bone of the channel. We advertise ourselves on other platforms to help increase the community and channel size.

If possible like and retweet Twitter content. By tweeting clips, we will retweet them and you’ll soon grow a following of your own. Commenting is the key to help on Instagram. Encourage Discord activity. Join VOIP events, server games and reply to new joiners in the introduction sections. Pressing the reaction emojis can help draw attention to an important community announcement.

All of this will encourage viewers to become community members.

Realistic expectations

Unfortunately Moderating is not a job. The rewards consist of having lots of friends and a say in how the community evolves. We host a number of unique events for fun times.

Mental Health

Think Positive

Keep positive, knowing your community is here for you. Maintain a positive outlook in even the most hardest situations. Feel free to speak to us or another member of the mod squad if you need to eliminate frustrations or sadness.

VOIP if you're struggling

If you’re struggling speak to someone on VOIP. We will always have time for a VOIP call with Mods.

Do NOT treat this role as a full-time job

The channel is not your full-time responsibility. All Mods do this for free so do not get frustrated if you feel another Mod isn’t doing their job correctly.

Do NOT be afraid to DECLINE being Mod for others

If other streamers like what they see you doing as a Mod, it is possible that they will ask you to replicate your efforts for their channels. Do not feel pressured into accepting these offers.

Do NOT force yourself to be fake

It can be daunting to constantly spam “hello” alongside cringe worthy emotes; doing so may also come across as robotic and insincere to some people. Be sure to share your unique personality, characteristics, and interests.

Do NOT blame yourself for slow days

The occurrence of a less successful stream does not mean you failed to fulfill your role. All streamers, no matter how popular they are experience slow days.

Do NOT force yourself to continue being a Mod

If you are no longer enjoying being a Mod, there is no shame or letdown in deciding to discontinue your role. Perhaps wait to see if the motivation returns, but do not force yourself to continue; otherwise, you will feel trapped.

Guide Topics

Useful Links

Stream Schedule

SUNDAYDiscord Events

Community Roles

Community Leaders

Focusing on Discord, Twitch Chat and Servers

Community moderators oversee the day-to-day running of the community. They moderate Twitch chat and Discord. As a team, they are also the point of contact for members who have any questions/queries as well as helping to resolve issues that might be brought up. They welcome new members, encouraging engagement, community events, sharing relevant information and limiting access for users who aren’t following community rules.

Twitch Moderators

Focusing on Twitch Chat

Chatbox moderators manage the day-to-day flow of the Twitch chatbox. They use Twitch as normal by hanging out and chatting with other viewers but they have access to tools to allow them to deal with viewers who the break rules. Their permissions maybe limited in the greater community but as moderators their role is to keep general order around the chatbox and encourage Discord.

Server Moderators

Focusing on Servers

The Server Moderators are in charge of the community game servers and make sure that they run smoothly. Their role consists of keeping the server-side game updated, maintained, designing and implementing new server backend settings. Our goal is to bring friends together in a community PVE environment, making their role crucial. 

Chatbox Commands

Social Media

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!donate bnqLove All donations and support are hugely appreciated
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