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Simon and Row ✌️

We’re award winning, UK variety gaming creators and consultants. Since 2017 we’ve created a unique streaming experience, focusing on community interaction and entertainment showcasing exclusive content and interviews on a variety of indie and upcoming AAA games.

We’ve been fortunate enough to become successfully established in the UK streaming industry, receiving awards from large brands, working on campaigns with the largest hardware brands, huge game publishers and amazing charity organisations. Our proudest achievement in 2019, we received the premium high-tier 70/30 contract from Twitch for outstanding community services.

Regional Demography

United Kingdom 57%
United States 32%
Europe 11%

Gender Demography

Male 58%
Female 40%
Other 2%

Age Distribution

Under 18 years 31%
25-35 years 42%
Over 35 years 27%


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Content Schedule

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Photos & Videos

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Our Achievements

Goals and Successes!

Our Studio

Our proudest achievement has been creating our couple streaming setup. Armed with Google we’ve created a 3 PC streaming setup with a magnitude of cables, cameras, lighting, capture cards and various problems to solve. We’re able to help new aspiring couple streamers to begin their streaming journey!

Official Twitch Mentors

Queenie was hand picked by Twitch to become an official mentor to new women creators for our 8 years of experience inside the gaming industry. We create workshops focusing around all aspects of streaming on Twitch including community building, brand creation, sponsorship navigation, chat management, streaming hardware and software.


We’ve faced off against the largest UK content creators and Esport personalities on many streaming platforms to receive multiple awards from brands such as Nvidia, Razer, Twitch UK and Red Bull Gaming for our continued community focus and positive influence on the UK streaming industry.

Live PC Building

With our hardware knowledge we’ve participated in over 10 brand promotional PC building and showcasing the latest tech during Twitch front page live streams. When possible we’ve also collaborated with brands to provide our long-standing Twitch chat moderators with custom built PCs.

Official Twitch Podcast

Proudly in collaboration with Twitch’s Women Alliance, we host our PJ Podcast session once every month where we invite fellow Twitch partners to get together for chilled, fun and friendly sessions. We cover topics such as ADHD, LGBTQIA+ and other relevant subjects. This can help audiences get a sense of who the creators are off stream. We’ve also used the platform to host gaming artists and sport celebrities.

Charity Fundraising

We support charities close to our hearts and helped raise funds for amazing causes. We’ve worked closely with Special Effect, Cancer Research UK and completing several marathon campaigns for Extra Life.

Giveaway Promotions

Our prioity has always been to give back to our supporters in any way possible. We have developed a service where we can increase our partnering brand’s social media numbers by carefully crafting giveaway systems designed to gain maximum impressions to reward our audience and partnering brands.

Community Meetups

We pride ourselves interacting with our audience on and off camera. We love hosting real life gaming festivals and events. We’ll take any reason party with our community, bringing our viewers and online friends together.


We believe in being a positive driving force in the UK streaming Industry. For 5 years we’ve been providing long term consultancy and sharing our experience to streamers, Esports teams, agencies and developer game studios on how to become established in the Twitch eco-system.


We’re incredibly proud to say we work with so many amazing brands who support streamers – whether its partnering up with Just Eat to giveaway vouchers or team up with Corsair in giving away pairs of their latest headset. We get a lot of enjoyment and excitement from taking on different sponsors. More crazier the campaign – the more exciting!

Stage Events

Cameras are no problem but we both have personal anxieties about being on stage in front of large audiences. We’ve set a goal to conquer this by joining more stage events. Pre-Covid lockdown we participated in UK stage events with Red Bull Gaming, Dublin Gaming Festival, Insomnia and EGX.


In 2018 we were honoured to be nominated for Red Bull’s Best British PUBG Streamer. We faced off against 100s of huge content creators like Break, Sacriel and many other Esports personalities on all streaming platforms. We were very humbled to receive 3rd place with over 700 votes in a such a short period of time.


Using specific call to actions and honest on stream reviews when collaborating with brands such as WeAreSneak, we have shown a 57% conversion rate providing WeAreSneak with over £30,000 worth of sales. Using our custom backlinks e.g we’re able to track monthly orders and pro-actively promote products.

This proves when it comes to conversion rates, a strong community produces strong results!


Call to actions rock! By crafting smart call to actions we have successfully achieved a high rate of visitor to community member conversion. With chatbox links, giveaways and on stream overlays with attractive Photoshop artwork we can drive new visitors onto our Discord community server. Through custom backlinks with our website tracking we can monitor the strength our call to actions and act accordingly.


While working with Florpad, an amazing company who sell high-end gaming floor mats we had the huge opportunity to put our Photoshop skills to the test and design our Florpad. It was a huge challenge to design a high resolution image file of 5000×5000 pixels but we were able to successful create, giveaway and sell our very own branded BlueandQueenie Florpad gaming mat.


In 2019 we were extremely honoured to be given a Twitch+ contract from the head of Twitch UK team. Due to our high conversion rates of new viewers to subscribers and positive influence within the UK community.

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