Scorched Earth was the first DLC expansion released for Ark: Survival Evolved in 2016. Unlike the original, Scorched Earth Ascended is a free DLC for those who own Ark: Survival Ascended. It brings a whole range of new features to the game for all players to enjoy without being locked behind a paywall. The main island of Ark is abundant in essential resources like water and food, but the harsh desert of Scorched Earth removes such luxuries, brings an unforgiving desert landscape to explore, with plenty of new dangers in terms of environment and dinosaurs, over 50 new items to craft, and a high-level boss fight against a manticore!

Become content creators with your friends by trying to make spooky videos to upload to the Internet for views. You have three days to record videos and get views by recording scary stuff to win. Getting views also means ad revenue to spend on upgrading gear to film higher-quality videos and a better chance of survival in the Old World.

BattleBit Remastered was only released into Early Access in 2023, but this low-poly FPS offers that classic Battlefield vibe with pure, simple fun. Being a very visually simple game does work for it, though this style of graphics won't appeal to everyone. There's no real story to BattleBit Remastered, but it comes with quite a few game modes and an incredible player pool size of 127 vs 127 teams. The development team has revealed they plan to have at least 18 more game modes, which vary according to the selected server size during matchmaking. BattleBit Remastered can support up to 254 players per server and at the end of each map, top scoring players have their names listed and then players can choose to decide the next map and game mode.

Set in a Victorian-era world with Fae and their magic, Realmwalkers have learned to create portals to explore other lands. You’ve been cut off from home after the collapse of the arcane portal network and are lost in the Fae realms. Getting home is the end goal, but being able to navigate the transdimensional portals also means you must become a skilled Realmwaler. Nightingale only joined Steam Early Access on February 20th, so our comments today are likely to change in the future. At the moment, though, Nightingale is a flawed but fun PVE survival game that's easy to lose a few hours in. Content is currently a little on the limited side; crafting needs an overhaul, and combat scaling can be... not good.

Helldivers 2 has taken over the PC gaming and PS5 worlds by storm over the past few weeks, and for good reason. It’s a great third-person squad-based shooter, a rarity these days with the popularity of FPS titles. The launch was a little rocky with performance issues, bugs and matchmaking troubles, but the team has been hard at work releasing emergency fixes. Super Earth is under attack from the evil robotic Automatons and the Terminds. You’re dropped into basic training and then sent to the front lines to fight in the Galactic War with your friends.

Virtual reality gaming experience isn’t like ordinary gaming on your PC or mobile, the technology delivers the ultimate benefits of immersion where players experience the game from a first-person, feeling like they are right in the gaming scene and interacting with characters as they would do in actual life! Here are our top VR games online, both single and multi-player games!

Big Farm Story thrives on being a really enjoyable farming sim especially if you're not looking for anything too complex. The main story is 30 hours and the Goodgames Studios provide many side quests for you to achieve. The story starts off like most of the farming games, you receive a letter from your grandfather asking you to take over the farm because he has something else he needs to check on. Once you arrived at the farm, you find it in a bad state after the recent storm, but your neighbour's son Benny offered to help you. Your mission now is to find out where your grandfather is.

Generation Zero is your go to for a robot apocalypse fun game. Set in Sweden in 1989, it has a totally rad atmosphere and the steller soundtrack fits the world they've built. The game uses the Apex Open World Engine, so it's very good looking and immersive. Featuring a full day/night cycle and weather including fog, rain, snow, and some fairly intense storms. The world is very large and explorable with most buildings being open with looted and a story inside.

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