Big Farm Story thrives on being a really enjoyable farming sim especially if you're not looking for anything too complex. The main story is 30 hours and the Goodgames Studios provide many side quests for you to achieve. The story starts off like most of the farming games, you receive a letter from your grandfather asking you to take over the farm because he has something else he needs to check on. Once you arrived at the farm, you find it in a bad state after the recent storm, but your neighbour's son Benny offered to help you. Your mission now is to find out where your grandfather is.

Generation Zero is your go to for a robot apocalypse fun game. Set in Sweden in 1989, it has a totally rad atmosphere and the steller soundtrack fits the world they've built. The game uses the Apex Open World Engine, so it's very good looking and immersive. Featuring a full day/night cycle and weather including fog, rain, snow, and some fairly intense storms. The world is very large and explorable with most buildings being open with looted and a story inside.



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