Big Farm Story Review

15th February 2022


Goodgame Studios

Build your dream farm with your friends and animals in Big Farm Story. Grow crops, tend your fields, craft and explore the world in this farming adventure. Meet new friends around each corner, shape your own community and have fun writing your own story.

Big Farm Story thrives on being a really enjoyable farming sim especially if you’re not looking for anything too complex. The main story is 30 hours and the Goodgames Studios provide many side quests for you to achieve. The story starts off like most of the farming games, you receive a letter from your grandfather asking you to take over the farm because he has something else he needs to check on. Once you arrived at the farm, you find it in a bad state after the recent storm, but your neighbour’s son Benny offered to help you. Your mission now is to find out where your grandfather is.

Players will immediately notice the game’s gorgeous art style. The character models and map aesthetics are all very eye pleasing. The music does an excellent job of complementing these visuals as well, providing a warm tone that seems to fit perfectly.

Between raising livestock, quest finding for the neighbours, managing a expanding farm, players will always have something to do in Big Farm Story. You can easily find yourself getting lost in the atmosphere. Big Farm Story has a fantastic balance of finding yourself trying to play efficiently as possible but having a casual and light-hearted experience.


Good Story

Great Soundtrack

Pleasing Cute Graphics

Easy To Learn

Simple UI

Alpaca’s Are Awesome


Very Grindy

Single Profile

Minor Bugs

Ultimately, Big Farm Story is somewhat grindy but all that and the minor bugs can be overlooked for its active development, strong story and cute graphics. The pros outweigh the cons for the duration of the story, and it was a quite pleasant experience. I didn’t continue playing beyond the story. Additionally I would like to note that’s it’s very refreshing to see a development team completely remove the cash shop and I think that deserves a lot of credit!

Its often on a Steam sale or head straight to and save money with our our 5% discount “BNQ” code. Otherwise full price for Big Farm Story is reasonable as the game scratches that specific farming, planning, organizing itch without being overly complex and not at all frustrating. 



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