Bodycam Review

10th June 2024


Reissad Studio

Bodycam is the first ultra-realistic multiplayer, first-person shooter game made using the latest technologies of the next-gen game engine Unreal Engine 5. Get ready to dive into fast-paced Bodycam actions, where every bullet counts and every choice can decide over the victory or loss of your team.

At what point does a competitive shooter turn into a LiveLeak horror video?

Bodycam pairs Unreal 5 with the movements we expect from camera video footage for an uncanny, realistic experience. It has a similar perspective as the single-player FPS game Unrecord, which is yet to be released. However, Bodycam is a multiplayer game and was recently released into Steam PC Early Access. While very promising, it needs some work but I found it to be very enjoyable as a unique experience.

Bodycam doesn’t have or need a story. It’s designed to be an ultra-realistic FPS with an emphasis on immersion. Even tiny sound details, like the mic of the bodycam rubbing on clothing or bullet casings dropping to the floor, are included. Currently, it features classic FPS modes including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch along with “Body Bomb” which might take a little bit of time to learn. Other modes will most likely be added in the future.


Realistic FPS

Multiplayer Only

Unique Experience

Great Performance


Early Access

Limited Game Modes



Created by 2 French teenagers, Bodycam feels a lot like a police video from LiveLeak, with the graphics, camera movements, sounds, and a lot more. Enemies will realistically rag-doll to death, and their faces are automatically covered with a digital blur that makes it feel like you’re watching an actual video of a firefight.

Part of Bodycam’s realism means that the controls feel slightly different from most other FPS games. Dragging the mouse will move the gun’s aim; however, you need to move it to the edge of the screen to turn the camera. It’s not possible to strafe with the keyboard; you can only move forwards and backwards. The game feels like the shooting arm itself is controlling the movements.

Strategy plays a big role in Bodycam and so do the drones. Players can deploy and control drones to scout the field, relay information to their team and detect the position of enemies. The game is relatively easy to learn but it does take time to master and the gameplay style is very different to other FPS games currently available.

After my short play through, I can honestly say I really enjoy the unique experience Bodycam brings to the table and while I think the body cam genre is more suited for first person horror games – its refreshing to see a brand new game shooter genre that’s not trying to copy or be the next Call Of Duty, Apex Legends or PUBG!

Overall Rating





by Simon Blue

Simon loves survival action shooter games and is a PC fanatic at heart. When he isn't playing games, you can catch him running the BlueandQueenie platforms hand in hand with Queenie. Please email us at to have your game showcased on our platforms.

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