Top 3 Ring Lights

14th January 2023

#3 Neewer Ring Light

The Neewer Ring Light features adjustable brightness and can be set between clean bright white to a orange filter to achieve your desired look. The ring light also comes with mobile controls ability and different mounts for DLSR or phone. Queenie shoots her Instagram photos so if she finds it easy so will you ๐Ÿ™‚

#2 Luma Cube Ring Light

This cordless ring light kit from Lume Cube is one of the best options for creators on the go or those with limited studios!

The ability to move around quickly and jump from project to project is something creators don’t usual consider but the Luma Cube captures this where most other ring lights fail. The Lume Cube ring light features a built in diffuser and backlit settings. Its battery powered capabilities contribute a lot to that price point, but itโ€™s what makes the kit so portable and versatile.

#1 Elgato Ring Light

Welcome to premium streamer gear. Elgato work with streamers to create award winning hardware and the Elgato Ring Light only proves this point. This ring light kit has everything that you need effectively and comfortably boost stream quality and take you to the next level. First impressions are everything!

The Elgato ring light uses premium OSRAM LEDs to achieve a softer, more even glow than competitors. You can make adjustments with the hard-wired controls or connect the ring light to your mobile phone and PC to keep everything close at hand.

We’ve been using the Elgato ring light for our main streaming lighting since its release and we haven’t look backed. We can highly recommend this product.

by Simon Blue

A PC fanatic at heart, Simon loves the survival zombie shooters. When he isn't playing games, he's helping run the Blue and Queenie community platforms. Please email us at to have your game reviewed and covered on our Twitch channel.

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