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We’re Simon and Row also known as Blue and Queenie. We’re UK variety live stream creators and consultants. Since 2017 we’ve created a unique streaming experience, focusing on community interaction and entertainment showcasing exclusive content and interviews on a variety of indie and upcoming AAA games. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to become successfully established in the UK streaming industry, receiving awards from large brands, working on campaigns with the largest hardware brands, huge game publishers and amazing charity organisations. Our proudest achievement in 2019, we received the premium high-tier 70/30 contract from Twitch for outstanding community services.

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Focusing on Community, Gaming Hardware and Indie Games.

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We specialise in community management, analytics and call to actions. Our strengths are building a strong community audience with high engagement across all social media platforms. Our wide range of coverage of gaming peripherals and new PC hardware attracts worldwide streamers and hardware enthusiasts.  

Our audience demographic is 18-40 years with 67% from UK and a growing viewership in USA, Canada and mainland Europe. 

By using specific calls to action and honest on stream reviews we have driven new and existing consumers to Sneak Energy’s web site generating over £30,000 worth of sales in 12 months. Each campaign’s analytics are tracked through custom urls meaning we’re able to track each sponsorship carefully. When it comes to conversion rates, a strong community produces strong results! 

After each sponsorship we offer a full Campaign Performance Report of analytics, impressions, clips and achievements. 

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Instagram story promotions

Instagram reel promotions

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In December 2019 we won the Nvidia community creator award alongside CohhCarnage. Our channel was awarded 8x RTX2060 Founder edition graphic cards to upgrade our own PCs and giveaway 6 to our community through a giveaway service. 

In March 2020, NVIDIA enlisted us to promote their #RTXon Call Of Duty campaign, sponsoring multiple streams with branding in exchange for 2x RTX2060 Super Founder Edition graphics cards. 

In December 2020, NVIDIA provided a RTX3080 Founder edition graphics card to demonstrate the new DLSS and ray-tracing capabilities in Cyberpunk 2077. 

In July 2023, Nvidia award us a second Streamer award and provided us with 3x RTX4060 TI Founder edition graphics cards.

Virgin Media has approached us to attend their O2 gaming space in August 2023 to interview some of their top music artists, Aurora, Cian Durcrot and FIZZ while playing games. They have also sponsored us to provided them 3x Tiktok showcases of highlights of the O2 event that will be used for press usage.

Scan Computers and Intel approached us in August 2022 to help promote the latest 12th Gen CPU launch. We provided both brands with full Twitch branding, giveaway setup and an on stream PC building showcase.

In December 2022 Intel provided us with their brand new 13th Gen i9 and i5 CPUs in a special creator press campaign to help promote the new releases. We provided Scan and Intel with full Twitch channel branding, Instagram and Twitter promotions.

In July 2023 we provided full channel branding, giveaway setup and several Twitter promotions showcasing their 13th Gen promotion.

Samsung approached us to help advertise the launch of their new super-fast 980 NVMe SSDs in 2021. They sponsored 2 months with channel branding and provided a new NVMe SSD for our streaming PC. We also provided them with off stream giveaway services and additional promotion through our Twitch Christmas event.

They were so happy with the results that the sponsored us for 6 more months in 2022.

They approached us again in July 2023 for another campaign where we provided full channel branding and more off stream giveaway services.

Oodie reached out to us in 2022 to help promote the launch of their new range of Oodies. They sponsored 2x Instagram posts.

Oodie approached us again in 2023 to join their Earth Day and National Unicorn campaigns in showcasing their Oodies to our audience. This time they focused on Twitch and Twitter. We provided full branding on our Twitch and several social media promotions.

ZOTAC approached us in 2022 to highlight the release of their brand new MAGNUS ONE mini PC. They provided us with a brand new MAGNUS ONE PC and one for a giveaway to our audience in exchange for an Twitch unboxing and hosting a off stream giveaway with artwork, setup and promotions.

ZOTAC re-approached us in 2023 to promote their range of new Nvidia RTX 4080 graphics card series. We provided a unboxing, installation and several game promotions where we showed off the brand new graphic features and FPS benefits. We also provided an off stream giveaway with artwork, setup, promotions and several social media promotions discussing the benefits of their new range. As well as paid collaboration we also received a RTX 4080 for our own PC gaming system.

Microsoft contacted us to help promote convert users of Windows 10 to Windows 11 Pro with a month of promotion content of the upgrades focusing on the new gaming features. We provided a Windows 11 upgrade installation live on stream along with social media posts with information about the benefits of upgrading.

Very reached out to us to help promote their XBOX controller range for Christmas. We provided them with our entire range our services on all platforms and our off stream giveaway package which was promote across 450+ tech-based websites.

We we're approached by We Got Game, Englands Cricket Team to interview Issy Wong about her gaming and sports experiences on our PJ Podcast.

Hello Fresh sponsored 2 live streams to help promote their healthy meals to a UK audience. 1 stream promotion where we purchased selected meals from their website using our special promotional code. The 2nd stream where we moved out of our gaming studio and into the kitchen to prepare and cook one of the meals.

Our audience focuses on gaming hardware and anime so XPG contacted us to help promote their new anime series on Youtube. We provided several social media promotions and live stream highlights of their Xtreme Saga Episodes.

For October 2022 we teamed up with Cooler Master to promote their 34" GM34-CWQ 144Hz FreeSync Premium Monitor with stream unboxing, showcase and giveaway.

We were approached by Humble Bundle to help promote their Easter discount campaign. Our coverage was so successful that they contacted us for a second sponsored session. We provided a Twitch panel, timer and social media promotions. Humble Bundle also went on to sponsor more stream coverage for their Resident Evil Decades Of Horror campaign.

Twitch chose us as their UK representative in the second annual Twitch Gaming Summer Gathering that showcased highlights of the Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Festival, which included cross-industry of upcoming games across console, PC, mobile and game demos. However the event was located in Los Angels so Twitch connected us to their robot on wheels, which we nick-named "Rowbot" where Queenie explored the arena and spoke to publishers and developers.

Razer Gaming approached us to help promote their wireless Razer Barracuda X gaming headset. They provided us with a headset to promote several social media posts.

Venom Gaming approached us to help them break into the Twitch UK platform. Throughout 2021 and 2022 they have sponsored 8 months of console accessories unboxing and showcases.

We teamed up with Currys to help promote the release of the new Xiaomi 11T 5G mobile phone on Instagram. Using our camera slider and professional camera equipment we produced a high quality voiced-over Instagram reel which was used on their official account.

We contacted GPortal to help provide an environment where our audience can play on our own community game servers. GPortal provided a 100 player slot to divide into as many servers as our community require. GPortal sponsor us each month with an ongoing collaboration of a Twitch panel, timer and social media promotions.

Spotify approached us to celebrate their 2021 Wrapped and sponsored a 4hr stream with a complete full-branding overlay and showcase of their app and our personalised Wrapped experience.

From hearing of our success with H&M, Pandora approached us in helping advertise the launch of their new PandoraME jewellery range through 2 sponsored streams. They provided Queenie with a 6 selection piece to showcase and a unique experience releasing a brand new PandoraMe Animal Crossing Island.

Hot UK Deals approached us to advertise their Black Friday discounts and deals. They sponsored 2 streams where we showcased and drove traffic to their mobile app.

We worked closely with LIFX to create an Instagram Reel advertisement of their LIFX Beam in our studio streaming room. We successfully showcased the LIFX Beam, app and created Instagram Reel content for them to advertise on other platforms on their official channel. The content was carefully shot with our 20mm sigma lens camera and edited with a voice over. The content was very successfully that LIFX gave us a LIFX Beam to giveaway to our audience for our Twitch Christmas event.

We've teamed up with HyperX to help launch their new campaign of tactile, linear and clicky gaming keyboards. The aim of the campaign is to explain to our audience the difference in switch keys and gain maximum impressions showcasing the keyboard on camera and promoting their UK 20% discount offer.

Kinguin approached us looking for help to break into the UK market on Twitch. With 70% of our audience being UK based they've sponsored an Twitch panel, on stream overlay, website listing, several off stream giveaways and community discount code to help drive our traffic to their website.

RIG have reached out to us several times to help promote their new 500PRO, 700HX and 800LX series headset products. In total they have sponsored 8 months for a Twitch panel, chat timer, on and off stream giveaways. We're honoured to be the only Twitch channel they have sponsored.

Huel contacted us to help expand their influence growth in the UK market. They sponsored us with an ongoing collaboration of a Twitch panel, chat timer, small on stream animation and tons of Huel products to consume on stream!

ASUS ROG approached us to help promote the launch of their Worlds fastest laptop range in the #ROGReactToSurvive campaign. Recently we also teamed up with them to promote the launch of their new wireless 60% compact peripheral set in their ASUSfest'21 campaign.

Scan reached out to us at to help promote Christmas sales of the new Razer Seiren Emote Microphone. They sponsored a month of streams for a Twitch panel, on-stream logo, chat timer, on and off stream giveaways. After a successfully campaign Razer and Scan reached out again to help launch the new Razer Blade 2 advanced gaming laptop. They sponsored a month of review coverage promotions, including an on stream guide on upgrading the laptop with more storage.

As a new brand SureFire approached us to help explore the Twitch engagement. They sponsored December 2020 with a series of social media post shout outs and 2 high engagement Twitch coverage streams involving unboxing and demonstration of their external hard drives. SureFire were also involved in our community Twitch Christmas event. SureFire then returned to sponsor June 2021 to help promote the launch of their brand new peripheral collections.

H&M approached us to help launch their new sustainability collaboration with none other than Maisie Williams. H&M chose a small list of content creators across various platforms to join their campaign launch with the opening of the Animal Crossing: H&M Looop Island. Our channel was chosen as the Twitch representation to stream the event and talk with Masie Williams. We showcased the campaign details and had the chance to invite audience viewers onto the exclusive island!

Initially Zavvi reached out to us to create a small sponsorship with our Instagram profile but after showing them our success on Twitch they expanded the sponsorship with giveaways, 20% kick-back discount, social media product photos, Twitch on stream logo display, chat timers and panels.

US craft beer brand, Voodoo Ranger approached us Jan 2021 to help break into the UK market with advertising their social media competitions and Twitch presence. They sponsored February, March and May with several social media posts, Discord community shout outs, Twitch coverage including an unboxing with chat timers and panels.

In 2017 Elgato reached out to us to help promote their new StreamDeck. They sponsored 3 months of a Twitch panel, on-stream logo and a Youtube tutorial video. In 2018 they sponsored 2 months to promote their Mini StreamDeck. In 2021 they supplied our new streaming studio with 4K60 Capture Cards, Key Lighting panels, RGB strips and their brand new Wave Panels.

Gamivo approached us to help advertise their game key retail website and expand their Twitch engagement by sponsoring giveaways, kick-back discount, Twitch coverage of Hitman 3 with an on stream logo, chat timers and panels.

Twitch's Sponsored Brand Activations department reached out to us at to help promote Just Eats: Hungry For the Win campaign. Along with a flat budget we were offered a front page spotlight in exchange for Just Eat brand overlays, chat timer and panel placements. The main challenge of the campaign was to get a win, order food using Just Eats mobile app and use specific call to actions to promote the service.

In September we celebrated our 4 year Twitch partnership anniversary by joining forces with Scan and Corsair in building a brand new £2000+ PC live on Twitch front page to giveaway. As well as successfully building the PC we provided social media shout outs, media show case of Corsair's new 4000x case and H150i CPU water cooler.

Acer Predator UK contacted us to help promote a competition for a Predator watch on their Instagram account. They sponsored a Instagram post with return tag and back link.

Western Digital and Scan reached out to us to help promote awareness of NVMe SSD hardware and technology. They sponsored a month of streams for a Twitch panel, on-stream logo, chat timer and off stream giveaway in return for funding the parts for our new streaming PC.

XBOX approached us to help promote the launch of their next gen consoles on social media by sponsoring an Instagram post and Tweet by sending us an XBOX X console.

With our huge success with the Scan and Corsair PC build sponsorship, AMD Ryzen reached out to us to help promote their brand new CPU Ryzen 7 5800X and Radeon RX6800 graphics card range. They sponsored all of December for a Twitch panel, on-stream logo with a dedicated PC building stream, performance coverage and to setup an off stream giveaway method with social media promotions.

After a telling off from our opticians we teamed up with Gunnar Glasses for perscription anti-blue light gaming glasses in exchange for several social media promotions and a giveaway bundle of their latest ESL Blade gaming glasses to our audience where users had to follow Gunnar and BlueandQueenie social media platforms to enter.

Our previous success with Scan and our PC giveaway coverage was so successful Oculus reached out to us through Scan to help promote their new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. For providing unboxing, review and VR stream playthrough coverage they supplied us with 3 Oculus Quest 2 256GB VR headsets.

SteelSeries approached us at EGX 2019 to help promote their new APEX 7 keyboard and Rival 600 mouse. They sponsored a month of streams for a Twitch panel, on-stream logo, on and off stream giveaways of the products.

Sneak Energy approached us to help with their brand awareness by sponsoring a year of streams for a Twitch panel, chat timer, social media promotions, product photos, on and off stream giveaways. In 2019 we achieved a 57% conversion rate and we're continuing on an improved contract over 2022.

Florpad reached out to us to sponsor 3 months of streams for their brand awareness with a Twitch panel, on-stream logo, chat timer, social media #ad shout outs, on and off stream giveaways. They also offered us the chance to create our own Florpad design and sell on their website.

In 2018 Noblechairs sponsored a month of streams to help their brand awareness. In exchange for 5 high-end chairs for a Twitch panel, video snip promo for their 1 year anniversary and product placement of building the chairs on stream.

We began our collaboration with Nitrado in 2018. In exchange for a Twitch panel and occasional shout outs for community game, website, domain and mail server hosting. This exchange has been crucial for us in expanding on our community events and activities while keep outgoing costs low. We've established a website which drives regular traffic for users looking at streaming systems and tools.

All promotions are paid showcasing on Twitch and Tiktok for PC, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Android Mobile and Oculus VR platforms.

World of Warcraft: Classic

Modern Wolf

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
Marvelous Games

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
Sucker Punch Studios

Total War Saga: Troy
Creative Assembly

Journey to the Savage Planet
505 Games

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
Activision x NVIDIA

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Bless Unleashed
Bandai Namco

Konami Digital

Retro Arcade Platform
Antstream Arcade

Conqueror’s Blade
My Games

Raid Shadow Legends

EVE Online x Doctor Who

Black Desert Online
Kakao Games

Studio Wildcard

Games Subscription Platform

CD Projekt Red x NVIDA

R8 Games

HyperBrawl Tournament
Milky Tea Studios

Big Farm Story
Goodgame Studios

Sauropod Studio

Galaxy Shark Studios

Renzo Racer

Data Dream
Charles De Yoe Studio

El Hijo: A Wild West Tale

Split or Steal
Root Pew

Move Or Die
Those Awesome Guys

Take The Throne
Top VR

Hitman 3
IO Interactive

No Place Like Home
Realms Distribution

Stay Out
Mobile Technologies

Ascension: Transition and Silver

Size Matters
Grab The Games

Story Of Seasons: Olive Town
Marvelous Games

Star Caller
Monarch Studio

Fishing Cactus

Digital Tribe
Tobspr Games

Knight Squad 2
Chainsawesome Games

Occupy White Walls
Stiki Pixels

Little Mouse’s Encyclopaedia
RedDeer Games

Orbital Bullet 360° Rogue-lite
Assemble Entertainment

ByteRockers Games

Red’s Kingdom
Cobra Mobile

Jin Conception
Jin Wave Studios

Road Fury
RedDeer Games

Rising Hell
Neon Doctrine

Before We Leave
Team 17

Villagers and Heroes
Mad Otter Games

Imagine Earth
Serious Bros

GameTomo Team

Skeleton Crew
Modern Wolf

Rise Eterna
Forever Entertainment

ForeVR Bowl


World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

Hokko Life
Team 17

DreamSmith Studio

Goblin Stone
Orc Chop Games

Logic Ember Limted

Himeko Sutori
Rockwell Studios

Bonus Stage Publishing

Gigantic Ltd

Knockout City
Electronic Arts

Natural Instincts
DreamStorm Studios

Get Over Here
Liquid Studios

Chat Plays Chess
Captain TV

Night Book
Wales Interactive

Warriors: Rise to Glory
Gavra Games

Vital Mind Media

Fort Triumph
Cookie Byte Entertainment

Ayo The Clown
Cloud M1

Delicious World
GameHouse Original Stories

Cosmo’s Quickstop
Big Sir Games

Shiro Games

All in! Games

Thomas Studios

Super Animal Royale
Modus Games

Tools Up! Garden Party
All in! Games

Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Autumn Games

Modus Games

My Singing Monsters
Big Blue Bubble

Frontier Foundry

Project Meta
Omnifarious Studios

Studio Z 3D

Tales of Arise
Bandai Namco


Push Your Family
Meteor Mug


Antares Games

Toy Soldiers HD
Accelerate Games

New World
Amazon Games

Virtuoso VR
Really Interactive

Survival Quiz
Phoenixx Inc

Jetpack Vacation VR
Tourism Infinity

Rainbow Billy
Skybound Games

The Farm 51

Diagrammet AB

Keyword: A Spiders Thread
City From Naught Inc

Rogue Games


Endzone – A World Apart
Assemble Entertainment

Dark Pictures: House of Ashes
Bandai Namco

Howloween Hero
Gossamer Games

AAA Clock
RedDeer Games


Sea Raiders
Watcha Games

HardBoiled Studios

Moolii’s Dreamland

Raptor Territory
RedClaw Productions

Epic Chef
Team 17

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization
Green Man Gaming Publishing

Team 17

Browse Games Platform

War Alliance – PVP Royale
Goodgame Studios

Hunt Showdown
SandBox Studios

Oddworld: Soulstorm
Oddworld Inhabitants Inc

King Of Seas
Team 17

Manticore Games

Thunder Tier One

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Iron Harvest
Prime Matter

Space Crew
Curve Digital

Teamfight Tactics
Riot Games

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Death Stranding
505 Games

Stream Raiders
Captain TV

Anno 1800

Rainbow Six Siege Extraction

ForeVR Darts

Sands of Salzaar
SandBox Studios

Super Impossible Road
Rogue Games

Dying Light 2

Phoenix Point
Snapshot Games

505 Games

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Hyper Scape

Greak: Memories of Azur
Team 17

Batora: Lost Haven
Team 17

Gears of Eden
Cubit Games

Kamigawa: A Visual Novel

Magic Nations: Card Game
Prime Bit Games

Generation Zero
Avalanche Studios

Rune Factory 5
Marvelous Games


What Lies In The Multiverse
Untold Tales

Unnatural Investigation
Dimension Unknown Studio

Puzzly Words
SIA Fufla

Core Keeper
Fireshine Games

Dragon Slumber

RedDeer Games

Golf Gang
Curve Games

Assemble Entertainment

Rogue Games

Aeterna Noctis
Aeternum Studio

Shiro Games

Super Sami Roll
Sonzai Games

Peaky Blinders: Mastermind
Curve Games

Townsmen VR

Runestrike CCG

Black Desert Online: Eternal Winter
Kakao Games

Destroy All Humans
KarateFox Studios

Cultivation Tales
Ac Games

All in! Games

Naruto to Baruto: Shinobi Striker
Bandai Namco


Lost Ark
Amazon Games

Little Witch In The Woods
Sunny Side Up

Albion Online
Sandbox Interactive

Kapital: Revolution
1C Entertainment


Arise: Simply Story
Untold Tales

Whitethorn Games

EleMetals: Death Metal!

Vampire: Masquerade Bloodhunt

Project Warlock II

Buck Bradley 2

Daydream Forgotten Sorrow
Ravenage Games

Pro Gymnast Simulator
Walaber Entertainment

Nemesis: Distress
Awaken Realms

Jurassic World Evolution 2
Frontier Developments

10 Chambers

Overlord: Escape From Nazarick

Bloodline: Heroes Of Lithas
Goat Games

Rubber Bandits

Pixel by Pixel Studios

Ragnarock VR

Destroy All Humans 2
THQ Nordic

Go! Fight! Fantastic!
Dinomite Games

Super People
Wonder Games

Live By The Sword
Gravity Games

Gravity Games

Grid Force
Gravity Games

Resident Evil 7

Patch Quest
Curve Games

Decision: Red Daze


Soulless Legions
Mech21 Games

World Of Warcraft: DragonFlight

Monster Couch

Tem Tem
Humble Games

Kaza Games

Raid ShadowLegends: Death Knight

Retro Arcade Platform

Curve Games

Chenso Club
Curve Games

Genshin Impact

Space Raiders In Space
Destructive Creations

Dyschronia: Chronos
MyDearest Inc

Ultra Mega Xtra Party
Just For Gamers

Stuntfest Worldtour
THQ Nordic

Ship of Fools

League Of Enthusiastic Losers
RedDeer Games

She Wants Me Dead
RedDeer Games

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Broken Universe
Jinthree Studio

Sker Ritual
Wales Interactive

Ikonei Island
SnowCastle Games

Killer In The Cabin
Games People Play

Twice Reborn: Visual Novel
1st Step Cinematics

War Mongrels
Destructive Creations

Quiz Master

From Space
Curve Games

King Of Castle

Ready Or Not
VOID Interactive

Tangia Alerts

Sphere – Flying Cities
Assemble Entertainment

AAA Clock 2
RedDeer Games

Nemesis Lockdown

Martian Panic
Funbox Media Ltd

Sunday Gold

Retro Vibe

Amaze VR Concerts
AmazeVR Inc

ForeVR Pool

Urbek City Builder
RockGame S.A.

RedDeer Games

Fluffy Horde
RedDeer Games

Sacred Summons
AppGuru Tech


Raw Fury

Raw Fury

RedDeer Games

Astronomical Club
RedDeer Games

Rise Of Kingdoms
Lilith Games

Beneath Oresa
Broken Spear Inc.

RedDeer Games

Clash Royale

nOS New Operating System
RedDeer Games

Nova Drift
PixelJAM Games


Rogue Invader
Squishy Games

Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree
Wildboy Studios

Deliver Us Mars
Frontier Developments

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus
Snowprint Studios

Pirated Code: Admin Edition

Fury Fight: Gangster of City
RedDeer Games

WitchSpring R

Sport & Fun: Swimming
RedDeer Games

Tails: The Backbone Preludes

Blooming Business: Casino Sim
Curve Games

Clash of Clans

Zero-G Gunfight
First Peoples Digital

Call of Antia

Evony LLC

Runestrike CCG
Making Fun

Warface GO

Hero Wars

Million Lords
Million Victories

Royal Rampage
Kepithor Studios

Peaky Blinders VR
Maze Theory

Nitro Stream Racing
Captain TV

Resident Evil 4 Remake

PUBG Mobile
Tencent Games

Puzzles & Survival

Package Rush
RedDeer Games

Uzzuzzu My Pet
RedDeer Games

No Mans Sky
Hello Games

Phantom Brigade
Brace Yourself

Shardpunk: Verminfall
Clockwork Pile

Song Of The Prairie
AOE Plus

Sherlock Holmes:Awakened

One More Game

Let’s Pet Pets
Kelly Studios


Stranded: Alien Dawn
Frontier Dev

Bramble: The Mountain King
Dimfrost Studio

The Witcher 3 RTX
CD Projekt RED

Portal RTX

Honkai: Star Rail

Cyberpunk 2077 RTX
CD Projekt RED

Trinity Trigger
Marvelous Games

Everdream Valley
Untold Tales

Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix

Phantom Blade 0
Cruel Studios

Spark Defense
LifeForce Games

Dogotchi: Virtual Pet
RedDeer Games

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie
Don’t Nod

DreamTeam Mobile

Bumblebee Studios


Mr Sun’s Hatbox
Raw Fury

Friends Vs Friends
Raw Fury

Kingdom Two Crowns
Raw Fury

Monster Mop Up
Terahard Ltd

Imaginati Studios

Alterium Shift
Gravity Games

Meet Your Maker
Behaviour Interactive

My Little Universe

Leif’s Adventure

Story Of Seasons: Wonderful Life
Marvelous Games

Farming Simulator 22
Giants Software

Goonya Monster

Dungeon Defenders
Chromatic Games

Tea For God
Void Room

CULT Games

Warhammer AOS: Realms of Ruin
Frontier Developments

Sky Caravan
RedDeer Games

Bandai Namco

Relic Hunters Legend
Gearbox Publishing

Immortals Of Aveum
EA Games


Swords & Bones 2
RedDeer Games

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate
Frontier Developments

God Of Gods
Aliba Games

RedDeer Games

Curve Games


Curve Games

Mojito the Cat
RedDeer Games

Dr Smart Space
RedDeer Games

Little Bug
RedDeer Games

Cat Tales
RedDeer Games

Sprout Valley
RedDeer Games

Cats Cosmic Atlas
RedDeer Games

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Snap
Second Dinner Studios

RedDeer Games

Homeworld: Desert Of Kharak
Gearbox Publishing

Homeworld 3
Gearbox Publishing

Super Raft Boat Together
Brace Yourself Games

Fae Farm
Phoenix Labs

We attended EGX 2022 featuring on Tiktok's stage for a 2 hour session battling against their hosting in Multiverse 2v2 games.

We teamed up with Tencent Studio's Bloodhunt game at their Gamescom 2022 booth. In return we provided booth streams, several on stream shout outs and social media promotions.

We teamed up with ASUS ROG to stream at their Insomnia 2022 i68 booth. In return we provided a logo on stream, several on stream shout outs and social media promotions.

We were approached by Northern Ireland's Game Academy to help mentor young upcoming game developers on their ambition to create games. We hosted several talks on what we look out for in game playtesting, the importance of social media advertisement and LGBT+ equality when creating a game.

We were approached by ASUS ROG to stream at their EGX 2022 booth. In return we provided a logo on stream, several on stream shout outs and social media promotions.

We were approached by EPIC LAN to attend their 2021 event in an effort to drive IRL and social media traffic following the end of COVID lock down restrictions. We participated in several live stream stage events of competitive PC building, arts and crafts, judging the community PCs and a Q&A focused around building a online community. The event was fantastic and we hosted our very own community meet up!

Red Bull sponsored us to attend their gaming talk show called Push To Talk. The talk show was broadcasted live on Red Bull’s main Twitch channel. We participated in hosting and showcasing games with a several fun and quirky trivia activities.

From the introduction with ExtremePCUK at Insomnia we were approached by ASUS ROG to stream at their EGX 2019 booth. In return we provided a logo on stream, several on stream shout outs and social media promotions.

We were approached by Conqueror's Blade to stream at the 1st Twitchcon EU event. In exchange we provided on stream game coverage, on stream giveaways and social media promotions.

We joined ExtremePCUK at Insomnia i65 in exchange for a full range of ASUS ROG peripherals and ASUS ROG community manager introduction. In exchange we streamed at the ExtremePCUK booth with a onstream logo and social media promotions.

Intel and PUBG sponsored a live stream at Intel's EGX 2018 booth for a Twitch panel, chat timer, on-stream logo and on-stream giveaways. Intel also hosted a meet and greet with real life prizes. We hosted a huge community meet up which ultimately filled the booths.

We attended Dublin Gaming's 2019 festival appearing on stage for a 2 hour introduction and Q&A session from the crowd about how to start streaming.

We played multiple rounds of PUBG against other content creators in a special Twitch sponsored stage event for 2 hours at EGX 2017. This was our 1st stage event and we really enjoyed the experience!

September 2022

4th Place

Team Captain

August 2022

16th Place

Team Member

July 2022

5th Place

Team Captain

June 2022

2nd Place

 Team Member

April 2022

6th Place

 Team Member

March 2022

6th Place

 Team Member

December 2021

1st Place

 Team Member

November 2021

4th Place

 Team Member

October 2021

9th Place

Team Captain

May 2021

3rd Place

 Team Member

October 2020

11th Place

Team Captain

September 2020

2nd Place


November 2019

9th Place

Team Captain

June 2019

7th Place

Team Captain

May 2019

10th Place

Team Captain

March 2019

7th Place

Team Captain

December 2018

12th Place

Team Captain

November 2018

8th Place

Team Captain

June 2018

3rd Place

Team Captain

Raised Over 1 Million

After the success of our 1st community tournament, in September we hosted another Pans at Dawn tournament with the support of PUBG who provided winnings to the final teams.

August 2018

7th Place

Team Captain

In July 2018 we created our own tournament used PUBG's custom lobby feature for our community. We created a sub-domain website that displayed tournament results, footage and team sign ups. We used spectator camera with a delayed stream to present unique content that hadn't been explored before.

Twitch invited us to join their creator camp podcast to talk to aspiring streamers on how to balance their live stream channels on a mixed variety of games and discuss the perks and negatives involved.

We were approached by BBC Sounds in Northern Ireland to be featured on their creator podcast where we battle head to head on retro games and answering questions about our experiences and history with streaming. The visual podcast will be published June 2023.

-currently working with-

In 2021 we were featured on the RTE series, The 2 Johnnies travel. The 2 Johnnies are a comedy duo from Ireland. They host the largest Irish podcast. In their 4 part series they take on the worlds of urban art, TikTok and professional gaming. We were featured in their professional gaming episode. Watch our featurette.

We were featured in the Belfast Telegraph's Daily Life special edition, discussing our 6 years streaming journey on how we become Northern Irelands top content creators. We also discussed how we were able to become established in the UK gaming industry and ultimately purchase our first house.

Red Bull Gaming held a website competition where readers could vote on their favourite UK PUBG streamers. Out of 100s of PUBG streamers we came 3rd and showcased for our initiative and unique community events.

We've been able to offer unique insights and provide our opinion to the general streaming community about Twitch hot topics through The Loadout news website. With our close work with Twitch teams and analytic research over the past 6 years we've been able to get a unique understanding of Twitch's direction of intent and why they're unable to share that information. Its an exciting stand point to be in and we're always happy to quell misinformation.

Fairly Odd Streamers do an amazing resource hub of tools for streamers so it was an absolute delight to be featured on their website for a questions and answers session about all things streaming from how we started, advice for new streamers and mental health surrounding streaming.

After meeting the Extreme PC UK creators at Insomnia we were invited to be featured in their interactive magazine showcasing our unique couple streaming setup, talk about ourselves and providing advice to new content creators starting on Twitch.

Our Achievements

Goals and Successes!

Insane Streaming Setup

Our proudest achievement has been creating our couple streaming setup. Armed with Google we’ve created a 3 PC streaming setup with a magnitude of cables, cameras, lighting, capture cards and various problems to solve. We’re able to help new aspiring couple streamers to begin their streaming journey!


We’ve faced off against the largest UK content creators and Esport personalities on many streaming platforms to receive multiple awards from brands such as Nvidia, Razer, Twitch UK and Red Bull Gaming for our continued community focus and positive influence on the UK streaming industry.


Proudly in collaboration with Twitch’s Women Alliance, we host our PJ Podcast session once every month where we invite fellow Twitch partners to get together for chilled, fun and friendly sessions. We cover topics such as ADHD, LGBTQIA+ and other relevant subjects. This can help audiences get a sense of who the creators are off stream. We’ve also used the platform to host gaming artists and sport celebrities.

Charity Fundraising

We support charities close to our hearts and helped raise funds for amazing causes. We’ve worked closely with Special Effect, Cancer Research UK and completing several marathon campaigns for Extra Life.

Giveaway Promotions

Our prioity has always been to give back to our supporters in any way possible. We have developed a service where we can increase our partnering brand’s social media numbers by carefully crafting giveaway systems designed to gain maximum impressions to reward our audience and partnering brands.

Community Meetups

We pride ourselves interacting with our audience on and off camera. We love hosting real life gaming festivals and events. We’ll take any reason party with our community, bringing our viewers and online friends together.


We believe in being a positive driving force in the UK streaming Industry. For 5 years we’ve been providing long term consultancy and sharing our experience to streamers, Esports teams, agencies and developer game studios on how to become established in the Twitch eco-system.


We’re incredibly proud to say we work with so many amazing brands who support streamers – whether its partnering up with Just Eat to giveaway vouchers or team up with Corsair in giving away pairs of their latest headset. We get a lot of enjoyment and excitement from taking on different sponsors. More crazier the campaign – the more exciting!

Stage Events

Cameras are no problem but we both have personal anxieties about being on stage in front of large audiences. We’ve set a goal to conquer this by joining more stage events. Pre-Covid lockdown we participated in UK stage events with Red Bull Gaming, Dublin Gaming Festival, Insomnia and EGX.


In 2018 we were honoured to be nominated for Red Bull’s Best British PUBG Streamer. We faced off against 100s of huge content creators like Break, Sacriel and many other Esports personalities on all streaming platforms. We were very humbled to receive 3rd place with over 700 votes in a such a short period of time.


Using specific call to actions and honest on stream reviews when collaborating with brands such as WeAreSneak, we have shown a 57% conversion rate providing WeAreSneak with over £30,000 worth of sales. Using our custom backlinks e.g we’re able to track monthly orders and pro-actively promote products.

This proves when it comes to conversion rates, a strong community produces strong results!


Call to actions rock! By crafting smart call to actions we have successfully achieved a high rate of visitor to community member conversion. With chatbox links, giveaways and on stream overlays with attractive Photoshop artwork we can drive new visitors onto our Discord community server. Through custom backlinks with our website tracking we can monitor the strength our call to actions and act accordingly.


While working with Florpad, an amazing company who sell high-end gaming floor mats we had the huge opportunity to put our Photoshop skills to the test and design our Florpad. It was a huge challenge to design a high resolution image file of 5000×5000 pixels but we were able to successful create, giveaway and sell our very own branded BlueandQueenie Florpad gaming mat.


In 2019 we were extremely honoured to be given a Twitch+ contract from the head of Twitch UK team. Due to our high conversion rates of new viewers to subscribers and positive influence within the UK community.

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