The Creator Climb

The Creator Climb

Our Starting Guide

Starting your creator journey can be tough and trying to grow on social media can be incredibly hard. You’ll need patience, persistence and perspiration but you’re not alone there’s a lot of creators on all steps of the ladder to learn from.

We’re an award winning, Twitch and Tiktok premium partnered creators. We created Blue and Queenie in 2015, became Twitch partnered in 2016 and full-time established creators in 2017. We’ve been fortunate enough to become successfully established in the UK streaming industry, receiving awards, working on campaigns with the largest hardware brands, huge game publishers and amazing charity organisations. We’ve provided over 500 game promotions and worked with BBC, Nvidia, Tiktok, Spotify, Oculus, Just Eat and many more.

We’re more than happy to answer your questions on getting started on your own creator journey and how to juggle real life with content creation!


Branding is the most important starting point. You’ll need to create an easy to remember and colourful brand style on all your platforms.

  • Create an easy brand name to remember and spell.
  • Keep social media profiles the same name @blueandqueenie for all platforms
  • Find your unique selling point.
  • Which creator are you? – Community? eSports?
  • Find a cause and stand out.


Create a “following”. This isn’t your followers number. This is your core audience or will regularly visit your live stream or leave a reply on your posted content.

  • Build a community through
  • Don’t over moderate.
  • Engagement on and off stream.
  • Community Events.
  • Promote loyal members to moderator positions of power.

Live Streaming

First impressions are everything in live streaming. New viewers will unconsciously judge your stream within the first minute. You’ll need a high quality stream for your camera and overlays (

  • Chat bot to link out Discord and social media pages.
  • Recruit active and loyal members to be moderators.
  • Create a consistent stream schedule
  • Find a game category thats not to busy and not to quiet (
  • Place all donations towards better hardware.
  • Have viewers follow your social media pages to build your reach.
  • Learn OBS Studio and plugins to make your stream stand out.
  • Join every Stream Team but be aware they won’t gain you a “following”
  • Learn to narrate your gameplay and remove all quiet time.

Social Media

Creating Social Media pages are important for places to go when you’re not live or delivering new content. It also allows other creators, who wouldn’t join your community Discord to interact with you. You’ll want to sign up to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and LinkedIn. Each social media platforms are different and statistically you’ll find the most success on Twitter to help build a following.

  • Consistent name on each social media platform.
  • Follow gaming news sites, agencies and publisher and brand community managers.
  • Include your email to be publicly displayed on all social media pages.
  • Use your best headshot or action photo at desk for your avatar.
  • Twitter prefers photos over videos and only use up to 2x #hashtags in a tweet.
  • Platforms like Instagram and Tiktok you’ll need to post daily to grow.
  • Learn each platforms algorithm and study your dashboard analytics.

Our advice is to avoid drama. 99% of controversial creators will gain popularity but will be black listed from sponsors and their viewers won’t support them financially.


These tools will help you take your platforms to the next level against other creators. A lot of creators will pay editors but when your starting out, you won’t have that financial ability yet.


Building your sponsorship deck can be very helpful in growing your channels through brand collaborations. Also it can help the growth of your community through giveaway of games and products. Most importantly you’ll receive a large portion of your income through sponsors instead of being pressured to ask for donations from your audience. Games and Brands are separated in the industry.

  • Brand Affiliate sponsorships are lower tier, but still comes with some benefits and features that help creators monetize their channel through commission. Partner sponsorships are more exclusive and often reserved for channels above 80 viewers which have a flat rate incoming.
  • Game sponsorships are simply free game keys or flat rate payment arrangements.

The success of sponsorships are determined by clicks on your promotional link so as you get started you’ll have to prove your channel by pushing your audience to click the link on your Twitch chat bot or Tiktok bio link. When your reach is large enough you can build up a list of services on your sponsorship deck,  you can provide for game showcases and brand deals. If you don’t have a website you can create a free sponsorship deck on

Creator Tree

Create your content tree to help guide your progression and growth.

This is our content tree and over the years we’ve raised and lowered platforms by the success of the projects inside of them. For example 9 years ago Facebook was very large in the streaming world but the reach of Facebook has drastically lowered. We maintain Facebook with re-posts from other platforms to keep it on our sponsorship deck services. There’s still a lot of brands who appreciate the additional reach.

The goal is to grow each branch and create more branches to add to your sponsorship deliverable services so when you approach a brand you can create a proposal and boost your chances are out-competing other creators. Once completed you can grab a community manager email from LinkedIn and send them a proposal with an impressive array of deliverables:

  • Twitch (91.8k followers) showcase promotion
  • Twitch on-stream giveaway promotion
  • Twitch on stream logo
  • Twitch chat box link every 8 minutes
  • Twitch channel title
  • Twitch panel
  • Twitter (62.7k followers) promotion
  • Facebook (8k followers) promotion
  • Instagram (25.1k followers) photo promotion
  • Instagram reel promotion
  • Instagram story promotion
  • Tiktok (37.6k followers) promotion
  • Youtube (6.6k followers) Shorts promotion
  • Off-stream giveaway (6-9k average entrees) promotion
  • Discord (9k members) community promotions
  • Website (12k unique visitors) article


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