OBS VS StreamLabs

14th January 2023


A discussion on our Stream Team discord its which one is better – OBS Studio vs Streamlabs! Which of these is the best software program suite to suit you?

As you would possibly know, Streamlabs is a forked model of OBS Studio. This essentially method that Streamlabs uses (component of) the code that makes OBS Studio work. However, this doesnโ€™t routinely imply that itโ€™s higher (or worse) than OBS. They each have their benefits and disadvantages!

StreamLabs OBS

Immediately Streamlabs offers you a setup that is prepared to go with nearly no effort of adjustments involved. Just log in with your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook account and with a few sources added you’re ready to go! If you want an easy stress free ride into streaming, Streamlabs is for you but prepared to have several identical looking streaming channels!

OBS Studio

OBS Studio appears older and a bit more clunky as compared to Streamlabs. If you update to OBS Studio 28 its user interface is significant better. OBS Studio’s advantages are you’re able to plugins to customize your stream and the studio software itself to your liking.

OBS Studio also uses less of your PCโ€™s resources, which additionally makes OBS Studio an awesome answer if youโ€™re noticing overall performance problems with Streamlabs.


For us, OBS Studio allows to apply lots of unique plugins into our streams. Once your past your early days of streaming we highly recommend do it early, we truly propose switching to OBS Studio. Feel free to stop by our Twitch and ask us all your streaming questions and a tour of our own OBS setup!

by Simon Blue

A PC fanatic at heart, Simon loves the survival zombie shooters. When he isn't playing games, he's helping run the Blue and Queenie community platforms. Please email us at hey@blueandqueenie.com to be featured on our platforms.

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