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New to Twitch?

Learn these unwritten rules:

ℹ Check if the streamer you’re watching has rules. Different streamers have different rules. Twitch terms of service.

❌ Never argue a time out in the channel. You’ll probably end up getting timed out again. Often the streamer will accept polite Discord or Twitter inbox message to help resolve any issues.

ℹ If you are timed out for caps, links or too many symbols chance is you’ve been timed out by the chatbox bot. Don’t worry.

❌ Do not talk about other streamers inside another stream even if they are friends. It is considered rude.

❌ If you see a streamer you recognise in someone elses channel refrain from asking when they are next live.

❌ Do not shout out people you see lurking in the chat list, they have chosen to lurk. When they hi then you can say hi to them, otherwise it is rude.

❌ Never advertise your own channel or ask to be promoted  by the streamer. Become a member of the community and the streamer is more likely to check you out.

❌ Never tell a streamer to play a different game. Return at a later time or check their schedule to watch them play the game you want to see.

❌ Never ask or beg to be gifted a sub.

ℹ Channels have a TITLE above their video. It will almost always tell you what the caster is playing or what they plan on doing during the broadcast.

❌ Refrain from commenting on the viewer counter. Often this creates more pressure. If the streamer isn’t worrying about the number increase or decrease then you shouldn’t either!

❌ Do not spam your own Twitch sub emote. Context is key in this one!

❌ If the streamer is hosting a viewer game do not tell him/her to start. Its just rude.

ℹ Being a Youtube subscriber and a Twitch subscriber is different! On Twitch following is the equal to the subscribe button on Youtube. On Twitch the subscribe button is in place if you would like to further support and help for $4.99 a month. You will gain perks like custom emotes and a chat badge!



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