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Lurking rewards

Lurking is the backbone of Twitch. We all have real lives to attend to(unfortunately) and we really want to show our appreciation and love to the community members who may not always be able to speak in chat but leave us a lovely lurk.

When someone is lurking they may not be able to chat, but they are a valued member of the community. With their help in supporting the viewer numbers we’re able to support them back and strengthen the fibers of the entire community.

Lurk in chat for 2hrs and enter the daily giveaway draw for a prize in our loot box. Winners pick your prize from below and contact us.

Steam Games

Humble Bundle

These games have been acquired through the Humble Bundle store where a portion of the purchased price goes to charity. Humble Bundle supports charities such as Action Against Hunger, Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, WaterAid, Red Cross and more.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Indie
  • Simulation

Dungeon Crowley (worth $18.99)

Hard Reset Redux (worth $19.99)

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair (worth $19.99)

Super Cloudbuilt (worth $19.99)

Hell Warders (worth $14.99)

Pandemic Express (worth $14.99)

Rainbow Robin (worth $4.99)

Aaero (worth $14.99)

MOTHERGUNSHIP (worth $24.99)

Bright Memory ($6.99)

Terrorarium (worth $9.99)

XERA: Survival (worth $19.99)

Overlanders (worth $24.99)

Control (XBOX 1) (worth $59.99)

Blasphemous (worth $24.99)

Wareframe Content ($29.99 worth)

World Of Tanks Content ($21 worth for new users only)

Agents: Biohunters (TBA)

Retimed (TBA)

Gold Express ($13.99)

Mr Hackjack (worth $14.99)

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (worth $19.99)

PROZE: Enlightenment (worth $19.99)

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two (worth $5.99)

Full Metal Furies (worth $19.99)

Interactivity (worth $3.99)

The Journey Down: Chapter Three (worth $19.99)

We Were Here Too (worth $9.99)

Truberbrook (worth $29.99)

The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr Upgrade (worth $39.99)

Nordlicht (worth $4.99)

Little Dungeon Stories ($12.99)

Kholat (worth $19.99)

Daemonical (worth $14.99)

Pacify (worth $4.99)

Witch Hunt (worth $9.99)

The Works of Mercy (worth $14.99)

Silver Chains (worth $24.99)

Desolate (worth $12.49)

Body of Evidence (TBA)

Pathologic 2 (worth $34.99)

Hidden Folks (worth $7.99)

My Big Sister (worth $5.99)

Bowling Over It (worth $3.99)

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity (worth $19.99)

Veterans Online (TBA)

Feudal Alloy (worth $16.99)

Lost Dimension (worth $24.99)

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark (worth $29.99)

Golem Gates (worth $24.99)

Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince (worth $9.99)

Cultist Simulator (worth $19.99)

Dead Climb (worth $4.99)

Seeds of Resilience (worth $13.99)

Crowd Simulator (worth $0.99)

Atlas (Xbox) (worth $29.99)

Taste Of Power (worth $14.99)

Invasion 2037 (worth $14.99)

Voxelgram (worth $9.99)

The Universim (worth $29.99)

DayZ Livonia DLC (worth $13.99)

Gaming Merch

Real items - 1 per person

Row and I are counted as 2 Twitch partners and often we are given duplicate gift sets from companies and events. Rather than sit on these duplicate gifts we would like to share them with you, our community!

Borderlands 3 mask

DayZ Chernarus Map

DayZ Xbox controller cover

DayZ lanyard & keychain

Intel USB converter

PUBG sunglasses

PUBG league sticker pack

PUBG Sanhok sticker pack

PUBG water flask

PUBG pills themed mints

PUBG Sanhok swimming shorts (M size)

PUBG T-shirt (2XL size)

PUBG USB converter

Twitch sunglasses

WeAreSneak taster sachet (any flavour)

Blue and Queenie Merch

Coming soon

Non-Sub Gifts

Viewer Gifts

Non-subs will be granted a sub gift with benefits of:

  • Entry into our weekly sub giveaways
  • Entry into our sub only community servers
  • Entry into our sub only community events
  • Chatbox emotes appear on-screen
  • Blue and Queenie sub badge in chat
  • 28 unique sub emotes for Twitch & Discord
  • Bonus points in weekly off-stream giveaways
  • Post links in chat without permission
  • No pesky Twitch adverts




We are Blue and Queenie a gaming couple from the UK who host a double perspective channel focusing on community building and chatbox interaction.


Join us for our 2nd day of Christmas giveaways 🎄 Really enjoying the Minecraft 1.15 'bee update' 🐝

🎅 http://twitch.tv/blueandqueenie

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